Why a Web comps database?
Datappraise was originally designed for a group of collaborating appraisers, friendly competitors who saw the benefits of sharing an on-line database. Datappraise allows multiple independent offices to share a common database. Included in the design was a confidentiality mechanism for masking data to users, if necessary, outside the office.
Can Datappraise also be used for a single company, or is it for multiple offices only?

Yes, a single company can have an online database. Companies with multiple offices or people working remotely benefit from Datappraise. Employees can also share a common comp database, regardless of location. Whether working from home or the office or on the road, your data is always available – one less reason for having to dial in to the office server.
How does confidentiality work?

There are several ways to designate confidentiality in Datappraise. The highest confidentiality setting labels the entire property and all transactions as confidential to the originating office. With this setting the property is invisible to users outside the originating office (this is an optional feature that can be turned off). Or you can label only transaction data as confidential. Sales, leases and expense transactions can be labeled confidential to your office only. With this designation, the physical data of the property is visible, but the transaction data is xxx’d for users outside the office.

What is Datappraise Office?
Datappraise Office is a Word and Excel Add-In that directly interfaces with Datappraise Web, allowing easy import of subject and comp data from the Web database directly into Word and Excel. Simple tags tell Excel where to place the comp or subject data in Excel. In Word, both Excel fields and subject/comp fields are easily placed throughout your document.

Datappraise Office includes a master Excel workbook with all the worksheets for a generic summary appraisal. Worksheets are available for the sale, cost and income approaches, which can modified as desired. And the workbook contains no macros! It’s a lightweight template fully managed by the Datappraise Office Ribbon Menu.

Datappraise Office also includes Word report templates. These documents contain standard, USPAP compliant appraisal text mixed with Datappraise field tags. Between the functions of Datappraise Office and the feature rich templates, you’ll have powerful automation tools at your disposal during the appraisal process.

What about data backup? How can I be sure my data is safe?
Datappraise servers back up all data and photos to an FTP site for all customers in nightly, weekly and monthly rotating cycles. Every Datappraise customer receives an FTP login to retrieve their backed-up data and photos. Not only is your data safe with Datappraise, but you will have a built-in disaster recovery program! Your data is backed up at two locations across the country. If backed up nightly to your own server your data is archived in three locations. That’s triple redundancy!

Who hosts the data?
Datappraise is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon was chosen due to their speed, reliability and security as a hosting provider. Amazon is a trusted provider for the Finance, Healthcare, Technology, Government and many other sectors that require reliable and secure service. Also, as a company that started in Seattle we have to admit that we were happy to support the home team!