Case Studies

Garrett Connolly


Datappraise has helped me get up to speed real quick. On a daily basis I use Datappraise to search for comparables or to enter data into the prospective fields in order to make it easier to search for properties at a later time. I also input information into the Datappraise system so that it helps the appraisers stay organized so they can stay focused on their main task which is getting reports out on time each day. The navigation in Datappraise is actually really easy, all of the fields are clearly labeled. Also, with Datappraise’s ability to link to Microsoft Word it makes it much easier for me to review reports, simply because I already know the field inputs, and that there will be a consistency throughout the entire report.

Jason Roos, MAI


Datappraise has increased the productivity around our office through the use of its search function and database in general. We’ve been able to store all of the subject property data that we have on Datappraise as well as all of our sales, lease and expense comp data. That data is all stored in the cloud and is easily searchable. It’s also easy for us to select certain comparables, either sales, lease or expenses, and then assign them to the jobs we’re working on.