Database Web and Office Features

When you buy Datappraise you get two separate but deeply integrated products: Datappraise Web and Datappraise Office. Datappraise Web is your comp and subject property database that you run from the browser. Datappraise Office is a Word and Excel Office Add-In that provides you with the Datappraise ribbon menu hosting a rich set of features to aid in the generation of your appraisal reports.

Included with Datappraise Office are Word and Excel templates, easily customized, that serve as an excellent starting point for automating the creation of your appraisal reports. Datappraise leverages the best practices and technologies available today to make the appraisal process as efficient as it can be.

Features of Datappraise Web

  • Comparable Write-Ups

    Datappraise allows you to keep all of your hard-earned information in one easy to access area.

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  • Client Management

    Make one change in Datappraise and it is there for the entire office to benefit.
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  • Report Writer

    All property information is pulled directly from the web into Excel and Word
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  • Property Database

    Access and maintain all of your comps and subject property information from anywhere.
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  • Web 2.0 Design Clean

    Separation of database (web) from reporting (Excel/Word)

  • Comp Communities

    Collaborate with friendly competitors in a shared on-line database

  • Comps Cart

    Attach comps to your subject properties with a click of a button. Comp records are saved with your jobs

  • Automatic Backup

    Nightly backup of database and images to your private FTP account

  • Comps Mailbox

    Instantly share comps and images with other Datappraise users with the industries’ first peer-to-peer technology

  • Jobs Database

    Easily track Job Status, Run Job Reports and Manage Client Performance

  • Automatic Real-Time Updates

    Datappraise gets steadily better behind the scenes with no effort by you

  • Built in Confidentiality

    Your Comp data is always secure

  • Subject Database

    Subjects, Client DB, Rent Roll, I/E History, Rent Roll Analysis

  • No Installs!

    You are instantly up and running with Datappraise on the web

  • Comprehensive Mapping

    Map your selected comps with multiple labeling options

  • All Comp Types

    Land & Improved sales, OAR, Expense and Rent comps, Surveys

  • Database Change History

    All user database edits are recorded in a Change Log

  • Instant Write Ups

    Output comps to PDF, Word and Excel files right from your browser

  • Standards Compliant

    Database complies with the Appraisal Institute Commercial Data Standards

  • Context Sensitive Help

    Help for every page with a single click

  • Map Searches

    Draw a circle or rectangle on a map to search a geographical region

  • Cloud-Based

    Use your web browser to search, enter or update properties from anywhere

Features of Datappraise Office

  • Easy Install

    Microsoft Click Once web install technology for easy installation and updates

  • On-line Storage

    Your own private document library for all your on-line storage needs

  • No Macros!

    Lightweight templates driven by secure .NET managed code

  • Excel Data Entry

    Save comp/subject changes in Excel directly to the web database

  • Import Tools

    Import any Excel data source into the web database
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  • Custom Write-Ups

    Easily create merge-style comp write-ups or subject reports in Word

  • Template Library

    Word and Excel templates provided for most appraisal assignments

  • Excel-to-Word Pipeline

    Capture any cell or table region of Excel and send to Word

  • Appraisal Dashboard

    Manage reports, open Word and Excel files with a single click

  • State of the Art

    Full featured ribbon menu leverages the power of Office 2007/2010/2013

  • MS-Office Integration

    Easily populate Excel & Word templates with subject & comp data